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My sole purpose is to save you from The Herd.
Mentality, that is. You see, the World would have you be believing that everything is okay.
It's not.
Definitely not.
Whether you believe in God and that Jesus is the Messiah or not, you have eternal life.
Except, if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, it's not a gift. It's a curse. It's a curse because Hell is not a pretty place. It's not a big party. A good time will not be had by all. You will not see all of your old friends there. You will be tortured and tormented forever without the luxury of going insane. Sounds like a long long time to me.
Hmmm, I wonder how much of today's Country music is written by the Prince of Lies...
Try not to pat yourself on the back too hard for believing in God. Satan and all of his demons do too. It doesn't do them any good. It won't do you any good if you do not go to Him through Christ. God took the form of man as Jesus Christ. He was fully God and fully human. Man was living in sin and God, being pure and incorruptible would not allow sin into his immediate presence (Heaven). There are a lot of definitions of Sin. It was a term used in Archery meaning, "To miss the mark." Another definition was, "That which separates us from God." God is the perfect Father. He loves His children and wants the best for them. He is a Just God though. That means He has given us freewill, and choices, and we will be held accountable for the choices we make and the life that we live. We all fall short of the glory of God.
In the Old Testament (OT), man brought God animal sacrifices. They had to be the best of the best. Best bull, lamb, sheep, etc. Then God fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies by sending a Messiah. His name is Jesus. He was sacrificed in our place at a place called Calvary. He was nailed to a cross and died. This is called the Atonement, which means, "to cover up." Jesus took our sins and our sickness with Him to the cross. His blood washed them away and acts as a filter.
Seeing us through Christ's blood, we are without sin.
The Bible talks about unbelievers not having eyes to see or ears to hear. You'll notice I am not throwing a lot of bible verses at you. You can read or you would not be here. The chapters and verse numbers are just for reference points. My favorite translation is called The God's Word Bible. It is easy to read, yet beautiful and accurate. One of the most commonly used tools used to witness (tell people about the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ) is called Roman's Road. It is a series of verses from the Book of Romans (One of the New Testament bible books).
It walks us through God's plan for our salvation.

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