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This is my home page. I have been a vegetarian for more time than I have been an omnivore. I have a faithful cat named FLOcat who has been around this place for since the 1980's. He mostly sleeps nowadays, but once in a while he gets up and looks for trouble. His younger cat friend Spot is much younger but still tends to sleep alot (under the couch.) Since they tend to sleep so much, they rarely get into trouble with the law any more. They are still banned from our local pub "McGurkles" due to the juke box incedent in 1986. Some folks hold grudges for a long time! Just had a visit from the police. Seems FLOcat dials 911 when I'm not home. I paid the fine, and now I unplug the phone when I'm not home. Oddly, the phone IS plugged in when I return... Maybe I need to install a password system, although likey FLOcat is just phoning for pizza.

It seems that sometime last year I got a new pet. A red eyed tree frog has been hanging around the family room the last while. He won't go away. He doesn't have a name yet, but 'Frog' seems to suit him. Maybe I'll throw a label on him, or maybe not.

The frog hasn't moved in about a month. I think it's dead... FLOcat doesn't seem to mind hing hanging around. Spot stays away from the frog.

Ever wonder why some folks ask vegetarians if they eat a certain type of meat? This used to bug the liver out of me, but I did some research and found out that there are some plant based animal like beings that vegetarians can eat. This really is cool. Check out my report on plantimals for details. I don't currently have any pictures or sketches, but I'll look into that.

Recently a frequent news item has been the debate on same-sex rights for marriage. My take on this all is that it sounds good to me. Although homosexuality is not my choice of lifestyle, I feel that everybody should be able to marry the person that they love. Thinking that same-sex marriages will in some way affect hetrosexual marriages is simply flawed and outragious. Is someones enjoyment of Christmas affected by a neighbor enjoying Hannakah? Maybe someone may not like the decorations, but the Christmas tree won't burst into flames and fall over due to a Menorah displayed next door. To believe same sex marriages will degrade marriages between a man and a woman is an odd way of thinking. Marriage is simply between two people who love each other dearly. We don't need to specify race, color, nationality or sexual orientation. The world is a big place, lets not be small minded. I honestly don't see what the big deal is: Two people in love should be able to marry each other. Is marriage really based on genitals? Shouldn't it about love?


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