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I've created a new page (add free!) so I'm no longer updating or working on this one. Please feel free to check this old page out if you'd like, but it's pretty much dead. It's also not as pretty as the new one. ^_^

This page was last updated: January 11, 2002

This page is Jana's page! Okay- so it's just a silly page with no real point, but at least I get to share it with all you lucky people!

Please visit my new page! Jana-sama's Kawaii Page is now open for buisness! With a KiSS page and great organization- who could resist? Check it out- and sign the Guestbook! ^.^

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(Fan Fics, Poems, Short Stories, etc.)
News on Donated Fics: I am no longer accepting other people's works to post on my page- I just feel that my page will run much more smoothly without it, plus there was no real clamour for it anyway! So- just have fun with the other stuff I have to offer- and thanks for coming!
News on MBZ: Lately I just haven't been very interested in completing the silly thing. It isn't exactly first rate material- and I'm somewhat pissed at Dragon Ball Z stuff. Blaaaaaah. Anyway, feel free to read it- but realize that it SUCKS! And it will probably never be completed either.


(I like to make 'em 'an post 'em)
Donate some pictures! Make me a happy girl! ^_^

Other Stuff

(If I find something amazing or wierd, I will post it or put a link to it on this page.)

The No Music, But a Fun Color Survey Page

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Jana's Little Hideout! (Message Board for this page)

Martial Posting (Affiliated with my Kawaii page)

**Warning! I do NOT make it my practice to edit or censor the contents of this page. Due to the fact that it is not a part of Geocities, I feel I have the right to allow my visitors free access to the service in order to express themselves. I will not allow predjudiced posts, due to the fact that hate has NO place on any of my pages- but I can not guarantee that strong or suggestive language will not be used. That is all!!!**

I will post my progress in whatever writing project I'm currently undertaking here, so check often for news and updates!

(Wanna post your thoughts, and get replies? He he, then go here and start a tedius debate, or just tell us all about your mess and whatcha been up to! But- watch out for Trolls! They lurk in my message boards...)

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And now for the personal section...


Have you ever wondered how to punish misbehaving links? Well, in my case I like to hit em hard and fast- thus I have brought it upon myself to subject these poor little links to the torture of the Sailor Scouts! That'll teach 'em to mess up! Hiya!

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This page was started on December 4, 2000*

*A day which will live in infamy...

**If there is something on my page that you know is yours, and you want me to credit you or rip it of my poor little site- then please e-mail me! I am a very reasonable person, at least as long as I get my daily dose of sugar (!!!), and would hate to steal something someone worked hard on... So at least give me fair warning before you throw the book at me! Tee hee hee (!!!!)**