Rick-E's Collection

Thanks for checking out my site.  I've revamped this site (New Version 2.0) and it's now completely devoted to my collection of custom 9-inch (Famous Covers and other) action figures.  I also have prototypes of Famous Covers on this site.  Hope you will enjoy seeing my collection.  Please note that nothing on this site is for sale, sorry.  This site was created just as a showcase for my collection.  If you check out my credit page, you will find links to great people who made the customs for my collection & you can ask them.

Thanks & enjoy,
  Rick-E :-p
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This site is maintained by Rick-E :-p, since January 12,2003, please e-mail me if there are any problems with this site.
Remember that everything on this site is part of my personal collection and are not for sale, so PLEASE don't as to buy them from me.
All background images were created by me.