Brad's Hydrology Page

Brad's Hydrology Page

I'm a hydrologist living in Melbourne, currently working for a firm of consulting engineers. I graduated from Monash University with honours degrees in Engineering (Civil) and Arts (German Literature) in 1996.

People often ask me what I do for 8 (and the rest) hours a day and so I tell them "I'm a hydrologist". Then there is a short pause before they ask me again, more emphatically, "but what is it that you do?"

Hydrology, colloquially speaking, is the science of the movement of water from the time it falls from the sky to the time it reaches the sea. My main areas of interest in hydrology are in relation to catchment yield estimates, but also include the related areas of drought planning, statistical trend analyses, flooding, water quality, dryland salinity and salt interception works.

You can download some papers on farm dams that I have co-authored. You need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the papers.

Download Paper 1 Paper 1: The hydrologic effects of farm dams in the Marne River catchment in South Australia. Presented at the World Water Congress in Melbourne, March 2000. (78 kb)

Download Paper 2 Paper 2: The hydrologic effects of farm dams in five Victorian catchments. Presented at Hydro2000 in Perth, November 2000. (31 kb)

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