Saturday September 12, 2009
Fire Rock, Komoka

Champion: Aaron Flonders!

2009 Champ Aaron Flonders, recieves the William Flonders Memorial trophy from '08 champ Gary Flonders!
Past Champions
2001 - Ronny O'Callaghan (Willowdale - Niagara Falls)

2002 - Paul Vaughan (Beechwood - Niagara Falls)

2003 - Gary Flonders (Willowdale - Niagara Falls)

2004 - Paul Vaughan (Pine Knot - Dorchester)

2005 - Paul Vaughan  (Beechwood - Niagara Falls)

2006 - Paul Vaughan, Gary Flonders (Fire Rock - Komoka)

2007 - Wayne Flonders (Glen Eagle - Bolton)

2008 - Gary Flonders (Beechwood - Niagara Falls)

See you September 11, 2010 at Willowdale in Niagara hosted by Al!

Carolyn Vaughan and Cathy Kordos, our first lady golfers! 
The story behind the picture . . .

So, we decided to have dinner at a nice dining restaurant in London. It was full. They told us it would be a 20 minute wait so we went to the lounge and made ourselves at home. Within a short period of time they figured us for their sports bar next door, and escorted us to a corner table - the furthest corner. Soon after the oldest and most mature member of our group started tossing around the peanuts - the kind you get by the basket full and can throw the shells on the floor with. Pretty soon peanuts were flying everywhere. Eventually our waitress and other patrons were getting hit - and hitting back, all in good fun of course! At the end of the night we asked our waitress to take our traditional group golfer's picture (see at the top). However she insisted we take one more, and promptly got a waiter to throw a basket of peanuts at us. And now you know the rest of the story!