Flooded... the queen speaks
Around my place the big issue these days is dioxin. It seems there are a group of people wanting to get rich at the expense of the 'giant' chemical company, Dow Chemical. A lot of them just moved in and the biggest complaint is their property values have decreased! Bah humbug!!! Why did mine increase???  Why do these 'worthless homes' continue to sell?
Flooded... the queen speaks
A fact or two...
Dioxins are dangerous. Scientists cite many causes, Landowners burn grasses along the ditch lines, burn barrels abound in rural areas. Agricultural areas have been using chemicals to provide us with insect-free foods and grains... and now I read that even toilet paper contains dioxin.
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I am not a scientist... just a logical woman,
tired of activists moving in and trying to make a buck on human frenzy!
Above is dioxin.
Below is furan.
Tittabawassee River... one voice
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A friend gave me a list of the people suing Dow. Any duplications were on the list from the court house.
Here is the List.