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Last Updated: 29/08/02

Flop Stars The Rejects - Don't let them get to No. 1!

Welcome to the anti-popstars website "flopstars - the rejects!"

In the beginning there was popstars, which let loose hear'say on the public. How long did they last I hear you ask? Not long at all, they had about two hits and nobody remembers there names. They sucked then and they suck now!

Then there was pop idol (or pap idol). What came from that? Two guys that are rubbish at singing and cant even make up there own songs, they just rip off hits from the past. You call that talent?

Please Sign The "I will Not Buy any Popstars Rubbish!" Petition

On this site you will find reasons to not vote for anyone on this show and get some cheesy tune to number one instead!

Below are the judges who will yet again make money by selling rubbish to the public, click on their mug-shots below to find out the damage they have already caused to society.


Ginger Minger

Top o the mornin to ya

I should be so lucky!

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