Igore's R' Us!
I am so bad, so very, very bad . . . Hehehe . . .
Current Society Members Include:
Lizabeth Blackwell . . . me
                           Gidget, but of course! 
                                    Ben Gingell
                           Giancarlo Montevanni
                                Wouter Servaas
       Congratulations! You are now my slave, Mwhahahaahahaahahahaa! A member of the Prestigious
Baloo and Becky Support Society. 
This is your membership card, good for buying beer, cigarettes, buying off policemen when you are caught speeding . . . NO, No it's not, sorry guys!
Get out of here!  While you can! To qoute my                                  co-worker Wendy, "it is . . .  what it is."  Have Fun! 
Igore, turn the "Mind Control" beam on, let's have some fun . . .
You too can get your own hideously deformed hunchback at igorsunlimited.com.  And, if you stop by within the next                           ten minutes, shipping on you new lacky is free!  Hurry, only available while supplies last!

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