Flora @ Her Filmography
Files of Justice V (1997)
Files of Justice was the first drama of Flora. It's kind of a sad story that most people died at the end... If you haven't seen, go rent it!! Worth seeing!!
Untraceable Evidence (1997)
Flora is a Medical Examiner in this drama.Her name: Pauline Yip. She will have some feelings for Bowie Lam but afterward, she left for some reasons... For you to discover the mysteries!!
Untraceable Evidence II (1998)
The second part of the story starts here with more mysteries and relationships. Some love problems come between Sansan Lee, Flora Chan and Bowie Lam. :D
Healing Hands (1998)
Here Flora as a lawyer meets a lot of doctor friends and will have some relationship with one. His brother, William So, just figured he has Aides. A lovely drama...don't forget there might be a HH2!! :D Go Flora~~
Side Beat (1999)
Playing as a reporter and a part time policewoman, Flora has an outgoing character that looks special in her. Again love relationship comes and join the drama!!! Let's go Flora~~
Feminine Masculinity (1999)
Here's a strange and funny drama for you to laugh!!!!