Flora @ Her Filmography II
At the Threshold Of An Era (1999)
This drama is more a business type. There are also two groups of people: BAD and GOOD. Of course Flora's in the good side!!! :D The one Flora loved was Gallen Lo, but who knows what will happen next in the future???!!! Some disapointment made her leave Hong Kong for a while then came back. Also got married with a cool and cute man!!!
At The Threshold Of An Era II (2000)
Because of some health problems, Flora is only appearing on a few episodes. I was a bit disappointed but still happy that Flora got her good health back!!! Appearing on Epi. 100, she dressed in a formal dress!!! Soo pretty woman!!! :D
Healing Hands II (2000-2001)
Once again dur to some health problem, Flora will appear for some episodes but more then *At The Threshold of an Era*. Having some work problems and some love shocks give once again the leaving of Flora. But back at the last episode with Bowie during Christmas Night.
A Taste Of Love (2000)
A Taste of Love was my favorite drama movie of all!! Flora is the owner of a Sea Food Restaurant and has some problems with the workers, but after eveything goes well! Again relationship runs up with Lawrence Ng and her!! The ending was good but I expected more... (I live in Montreal, Canada so I got the chance of renting it)
Flora and people from HH2
Flora cooking!!