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Kentucky Classic Stringtown on the Pike (1900) to be reprinted.

Very few small cities in America have a novel written about them. Florence is one of those few. This project is to make this work available to the general public and to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Florence, also known as Stringtown on the Pike. If you would like to type one of the 67 chapters (plus a missing chapter that will be included, bringing the total to 68), write referencelibrarian@fastmail.fm and request your chapter. Your name will appear in the front of the book as one of the typists. It is anticipated a large number of people will want to participate in this commemorative edition, so only one chapter can be assigned at a time. The book will appear with additional biographical material about the author, historical material about Florence, and supplementary material, such as the author's notes about the negro dialect which appears in the book, as well as an index and a full introduction. The new edition of this book, which is in the public domain, will be published as an etext on this internet site, and subscriptions will be accepted at that time for printed copies of the book to be published by the Stringtown University Press, Florence.

Stringtown on the Pike

John Uri Lloyd

The 175th Anniversary of the City of Florence
Internet Edition

Most recently completed chapter - Chapter 2

Charter of Florence, 1830

Chairmen and Clerks of Florence Town Council

Florence Town Council

An Appointment to City Council, 1945

Ordinances of the Town of Florence, Ky. (1897 - 1953)

Pictures of Florence

Florence Photos:   The Decade following 1960

Businesses in Florence

Historical Incidents and Information

Tales of Old Florence

Folklore About the Origin of Florence

The Old Turnpike, 1853

Civil War

Union Meeting, 1860

A Peace Meeting in Boone County, 1861

The Oldest Book in Florence, 1607

The Filmore Club, 1856

Picture taken at Early Florence Fair

A Fortune-Teller Visits Florence, 1883

Boone County Medical Society Meets, Florence, 1908

Historical Account of Florence

Florence, Kentucky: The First Century, 1830 - 1930
by Paul Tanner, 1993

Maps of Florence

Big Bone History

Save Big Bone

Boone Encyclopedia

Stringtown University
(site in progress)

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