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Florence Nightingale Boarding School is named after Miss Florence Nightingale, " the most remembered as a pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods".

The school was established in 1999 A.D. However the founder had been dedicated in the education field for more than twenty-five excellent years. The institution aims to provide quality as well as the modern and the practical education to the children of the society.

This school realizes also that education is one of the medium of social service. True service to the man is the true service to the god.

Florence Nightingale Boarding School (FNBS), situated in a very proper environment nearby village free of urban pollution, meets all the suitable quality atmosphere welcomes you at Kharibot, Imadol village development committee ward no.1, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal.

FNBS was established in 1999 (2055 B.S.). It provides modern, empirical, heuristic, practical and purposeful education to the students in the sophisticated world. FNBS is an educational milestone where students from nursery to class five with the pioneer teachers from various backgrounds with one mission, aim and ambition, live, study and work in a sound community.

The co-educational primary school, FNBS is dedicated to provide global education for the development of multi-dimensional personality of its students. The school has been exercising the empirical education since its establishment to explore students' potential in education so that they can be able to pursue higher education in any nation. Committed to its dictum, “EDUCATION, IS THE LIGHT OF LIFE ”, FNBS aspires to exist as a fountain of knowledge and a source of learning for the students who dream to meet the challenges issued by the advancement of science, modernism and cultural or ethical degeneration. To put in a nutshell, FNBS envisages an education which is perfectly practical and purposeful, academically sound and socially relevant.

FNBS School has attained excellent results in another Lower Secondary Schools appeared in their Annual Examinations. The school aims to develop the child's wit, intelligence, obedience, discipline sincerity and morality through its newly launched education policy and sound school environment.


The guardian's relationship by providing beneficial information towards the responsibility of their children, FNBS provided such programmes aiming to parental education by following the meetings and the workshops for sensibilize themselves which was the great need to the future of their own children. The parents were deeply interested and shown their positive zest for a change in their life to fulfil their eager to contribute their child as other well educated to feel them equal as privileged parents as any other parents. Due to the lack of their educational and the cultural background they face such boundary which is just as a glass gate but still to move. During the period Mr. Prabal Shrestha (ex vice principal) served his time with an excellent result and gratitude by the village community, for the cognitive development of the children by providing such facilities and the education even in the school off hours to motivate the parents. Thank to those sincere and generous parents who followed the workshops regularly proposed by FNBS.We are still facing the difficulties with the ideas of the parents to contribute their children in a proper way. Because the country has a huge differences in between the culture, language, ideas and mostly the status and the backgrounds which is a permanent obstacle to advance the children to their wish and the right. They merit the best education so why we target mostly to eradicate this slight divisions caused by caste system which still effect children and the traditional vision to let them free for their ambition. The poverty is even worst than the oldest ideas and still to make hard efforts with the dreams of the children to build the nation by the base.


Florence Nightingale Boarding School
Kharibot, Imadol V.D.V. ward No. 1, Lalitpur, Nepal
Contact No. +977-1-5552174
Email: FNBS@teachers.org
Webpage: http://www.oocities.org/ FlorenceNBSchool

Aims and objectives

» To develop the child's wit, intelligence, obedience, discipline, sincerity and morality

» All round development of the child

» To create sense of ideal citizen in the child

» To fulfil the nation's aims of education

» To provide computer science education from class 3 and above.

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