About to give up, read if you care to.
Hello, my name is David. I'm 45 years old, a husband, father, and a grandfather. I have been suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, and deppression for several years now. All of my life I have always made my own way and never asked for a helping hand from anyone. I've always tried to take pride no matter how bad thing got. Well now at the point of throwing in the towel I write this no doubt in vain but I will write this for my family no matter what!

I lost my mother about 8 years ago to Alzhiemers and my only brother about 5 years ago to diabeties. Beside my wife and son I have no true family at all. Now my wife can't work due to suffering for adult attention deficit disorder, I have fought to work as long as I can, and my son, his wife and two babies all live with me and only my salary which will soon end. My son is 17 and against all that I tried to do to raise him right went out and got his girlfriend pregnant because he wanted to be with her so badly. Now I insist the two of them finish school as long as I am here to breath. No one knows I am writing this. I've become quite good at hiding just how bad things are inside no matter how bad it hurts. I wish I could just go to sleep and never wake up to tell the truth. My wife and children need me though I know and for this I go on for now.

Dreams of peace escape me. May God forgive me for all of my shortcomings as a man. I don't want pity as I know the world is full of people having hard times. All I can say is you be the judge if you want to help this God fearing family out.

Thanks for the ear and God be with you one and all.

Feel free to email me for further info or to talk. I'm working twelve hour days and my time is short but I will always try to respond to those who care. Money would be a great help though I can't bring myself to ask. Words of support will help if it's all you can do and you have no idea what they would mean.

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