Focused In Entertainment
We are the Focus of Entertainment"
Florida's most creative film crew
Taking movies from concept to completion
Condomando was the first          movie produced by Acie Blaze
The Poster for "Enter The Chamber"     the first feature film for the company     written and directed by Acie Blaze.
Jon Byrd the company's Director of          Photography
Gary Baird and Bobby Diesel   playing Dante and Warwick     In "Enter The Chamber"
Ceo Shane Harper and Carl Ashcraft    with Sonic Sound Productions working  on Post- Production.
Bombz Away Studios and Fourth Quarter Studios     Our Post-Production Video and Audio House
Focused In Entertainment provides everything for your entertainment needs from movies, production, commercials, recording, models, promotions, photography, graphics and repair.  Our studio is open 24hrs. for those who work late and are located in Orlando Florida off of I-4 and other major highway roads.  Please consult with us when beginning your next project.  We can bring your project from "Concept to Completion". 

Call for rates:
(407)-729-5619 or (407)-538-1034
or you can email us at:
Acie Blaze and director Ernie T. from           Focused In Entertainment