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Model Children’s Folk Dance Group "Focusor" embodies magic energy power and the continuity of motion.
   As the people say the skill to dance with fire, with high inspiration and enthusiasm is a great mastery, the mastery the Model Children’s Folk Dance Group "Focusor" is remarkable for.
   The ensemble was founded in 1987 under the aegis of the famous sport dance club "Codreanca".
   The participants of the dance group "Focusor" are boys and girls who like dancing and wish to be a part of the eternal perfection named “The Art”.
   The head of the group is Mrs. Elena Crutinscaia, the graduate of the State Institute of Arts in Chisinau and the ex-dancer of the dance group "Moldoveneasca".
   The manager of the group and the creator of this site is Mr. Evghenii Ciubara.
   There are more than 35 dances in the ensemble's repertoire, all of them are the creations of the most well-known choreographs of the republic. The most successful compositions - "Hora", "Polca Moldoveneasca", "Tarancuta", "Sapte Pasi (Seven Steps)", "Hostropat" were performed on the central stages of the capital of Republic of Moldova and on the central stages of many cities abroad.
   The palette of the performed dances is very rich: the Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Russian, Turkish, Cuban - these and other dances are successfully shown at many concert halls. The ensemble "Focusor" is also well-known beyond the borders of our republic. The dancers won the recognition of audience in Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and Hungary performing their national dances. In 1996 the dance group received the title of Diplomant at the International Folk Dance Festival in Italy (cities Pignola, Potenza) and in 1997 "Focu?or" became the laureate of the 3rd International Folk Dance Festival at Ciprus (city Limassol). "Focusor" has also participated at the festivals in Turkey (Izmir - April 1998), Hungary (city Shatoraiauihelly - August 1998), Turkey (Istambul - May 1999), Poland (Krakow - June 2000), Romania (Bucuresti, Navodari - August 2000).
   In 2000 "Focusor" was titled by the Ministry of Art of the Republic of Moldova “the Model Group” the second time during its existence. This title represents the highest quality grade for the Children’s Dance Group that exists.
   The experience and skills gained by the dancers of the Model Children’s Folk Dance Group "Focusor" offer many young people the possibility to dance at the professional stage as the dancers of the best Professional Folk Dance Group in Moldova "Joc" or to continue studying at the Choreographic Faculty of the State Institute of Arts in Chisinau.
   The last concert program of "Focusor" - "The Flowers of Kindness" became the beginning of establishing the first in Moldova Children’s Dance Theatre. The conception was to mix the elements of theatre and the basis of the Folk and Modern dance. For this the best choreographs and actors of the country were invited to create a radically new program that is now performed with a great success.
   The Model Children’s Folk Dance Group "Focusor" remains the "dance house" for all the participants and their parents.
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Evghenii Ciubara
Tel. Mobile:
From Moldova  (8-29) 239449
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Elena Crutinscaia
(head of the group)
apt. 126, Tudor Vladimirescu str. 1/4, Chisinau (2024),
Republic of Moldova
Tel.: (3732) 448632
Tel. Mobile:
From Moldova  (8-29) 164992
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