FocusTuner1 says... Welcome!
Wha' G'Wan, Rudeboy? Here it is, my site. G'hed, tell me it sucks...Catch me giving a shit.

I'm trying to get into forums and put up pictures of my car and of myself...I'm also trying to figure it all out as I go along.
Bear with the most likely slow progress.

I work a lot, but between getting berated by upset customers, dodging shifty bosses and trying to make a damn living, I like to get out to the track. Yeah, the dog track. It's hella fun!!!!!!
I live right near 75-80 dragstrip so I try to get over there whenever I get a Friday night off and a few bucks in my pocket. I also try to get to local auto crosses, and a few that aren't so close. I bought a '03 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0l zetec. It's a fun little car I got some pretty big plans for. While I work on them I frequent the Cumberland Airport Autocross, and the Capital Driving Club events @ Harry Grove Stadium in Frederick, MD. 
Other than that I play a lot of GT3, smoke a lotta 'ganj', and gets NO play, no seriously; I get no love.

That's my baby!!!
Links, Biotch
Cumberland Airport AutoCross
Harry Grove Stadium, Fred., MD
More Pictures Here...Sunday June 6th Group 4 #431-1
This is Me, hit me up
Name: Reverend Girard Shizzle