About Us


To empower the Maya young people, that are students of Foundations for Education, to become active members of their communities and take pride in their Maya heritage so they can build a new Guatemala, free of discrimination and with justice for the Maya people.

We accomplish this by providing the opportunity to study through scholarships from 7th grade up to and including the University level.

What makes our program unique is that our students complete community service work during their vacation in order to maintain their scholarship. We believe that early exposure to the workings of their community and putting them in direct contact with the leaders will be an advantage for them and the community. See Student Community Work

We prefer that the students study the teaching program in high school because this program is the most well-rounded and will help the students with their community activities and if they want to continue studies at the University.

FFE is a 501(c)3 educational organization (EIN 65-0766271) started by Ramelle Gonzales in 1997 who lives in Guatemala. The effects of the 36 year old war that ended in 1996 still has a traumatic effect on the people and the Maya people still struggle, living on only a few dollars a day if that. 70% of middle schools and 80% of high schools are private, making the costs of education impossible for large families in the rural areas. We place our emphasis on Maya girls because of their high risk drop out rates. We normally have a minimum of 60% girls in the program.