Hello!  The genealogy bug hit our house a couple of years ago and has remained with us ever since.  A little farther down the page you will find links to our main lines.  Please contact us should you find someone on one of the following pages that is related to you.  We are always looking for more family members!!


Rick's Lines
   Maternal Lines        Bickel            Brown
       Glazier        Hollenbeck        Schwager
   Paternal Lines     Chism (Chisholm)       Cunningham
       Curl (Curle)        Duckworth   Johnston (Johnson)
           Michals       Minor (Miner)        Reynolds
          Troutman         Williams



Misty's Lines
  Maternal Lines            Allison            Cannady
     Conrad (Coonrod)       DeVore/Devore             Earhart
             Estes        Guyer             Monk
          Sanders           Warner            Woods
  Paternal Lines        Akeman          Barbee
Demarest (Des Marest)      Duryea (Durie)           Fouty
          Francis        Gray        Hampsten
           Harris        Hickox               Jones
       Odell (O'Dell)         Romine         Shadley
          Slusser        Smith Tilroe (Tielroy, Tielroe and Van Tyleroe)
***Parts of this page are still under construction!!***
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