Hixton School 1916 - 2000

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by Durwood L. Amundson

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B.S. and M.S. Degrees
32 years experience in secondary education
Officer of several professional organizations
Officer of local Board of Education

The views expressed on this web site are mine and do not represent the Board of Education on which I serve.

Star Philosophy

Many positive things continue to happen daily in our schools. We have a lot of great students who are impacted on by many quality people. Education is a complex and evolving process that requires us to frequently re-assess and strive for more creative and effective ways to help every child to experience success and become a productive citizen and contributing member of society.
When a school system chooses to disregard or fails to be collaborative in addressing parental and community concerns, it then becomes necessary to publicly identify the issues and advocate for their resolution. This web site represents an effort to improve the quality of education to which all children are entitled and provide leadership to enhance policy making, community control, parent involvement, communication, vision and accountability.
Confidence, trust, satisfaction and support of public education is best enhanced by straight talk, complete information and collaborative leadership in an inclusive participatory process.
The future of our community and its children is impacted upon by the vision of our educational leaders.

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There are new opportunities and challenges for school districts each day. As educational issues arise additional editorials may appear on this site.

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