World Of Folding Bicycles:
Compact Cycling In The Twenty-First Century
Special Announcement!!!!
On October 26, 2009, Geocities will no longer be available to be my host for this particular Website since it will be closing down.  It has been a good 3 years since I first launched this particular one in October, 2006.  But all things have to come to an end.  Don't worry,  portions of  this Website will be transfered over to Google now in a more updated Web 2.0 version with most of it's current information intact plus additional new material added!.   
Visit this new Website at:

All other Websites in the World Of Folding Bicycle series are still at their present locations and will remain there unless otherwise indicated.

This Website will self-destruct on October 26, 2009 and will no longer be able to be seen on the Internet-even this single page-so hasten to the new Google one right now!