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Ottawa druids
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If you are interested in meeting us, or have any questions,
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Canadian Odour of Druids

Located in Canada's capital, OBOD Ottawa Seed Group
meets monthly to discuss modern druidry and pagan spirituality and to celebrate the Wheel of the Year in the style of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.
(visit www.druidry.org for more information on OBOD.)

As Druidry is rooted in the traditions and spiritual practices of the ancient Celts, we try to maintain a Celtic influence in our celebrations. We are, however,  welcoming of people
from any background and honour the varied traditions of our members.

Druidry is a spiritual path that seeks to awaken our connection with nature, the Gods of our ancestors and our community.

We are open to anyone in the National Capital Region interested in the druid path. (OBOD Membership is not required)

We try to meet at least 8 times a year to celebrate the "turning of the wheel",the eight seasonal/solar festivals common to most druid and other earth-based spiritual movements. We also like to get together for a social from time to time, to share a laugh and a pint and engage in lively discussions.