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Cats Cradle Crafts began as a love, grew into a dream, and materialized into a reality only when my children were old enough and I was financially secure enough to take a chance and follow a dream. I've always loved to create and to share with others, but never knew it could become a true business.
"The Cat," as we fondly call my crafts business, came from very humble beginnings - the dining room of our home, a vendor booth at an indoor flea market, and an auction barn. I was amazed at the popularity of crafts, especially dolls, and finally opened my own storefront in a nearby village. "The Cat" was no longer a kitten; it had begun to grow! Perhaps explode would be a better word for the speeed at which it grew. Both my daughters joined me, Debbie making incredible calico cats and Christmas ornaments and Patty making beautiful baby quilts.
From the very beginning, I have kept my financial records in a black book, a reminder that "The Cat" would have to remain in the proverbial "black." A red record book...never!
Cats Cradle Crafts, now almost nineteen years old and flourishing, offers retail sales in Greensboro, Morrisville, and Quechee Village, Vermont, as well as New York City.
I hope you enjoy your visit to my little shop on the 'Net. Please know that all patterns I use are my original designs, and that each item ordered will be made especially for you, in your choice of colors. "The Cat" is proud to have won 168 blue ribbons for originality and excellence in handcrafts at Vermont state expositions, and, as my gift to you, I will include a prize ribbon with each craft ordered as long as my collection lasts (sorry, there are no ribbons left).

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