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Welcome to my site, you'll get to meet my
families and friends and loved ones.  I've
put together some photos of myself, from
years ago and recent ones, photos of my
families and my graduation.. Thanks  to
those who came to this special event, it
meant alot to me... I also made a special
page for Mom, with her funeral photos
with everybody.. "I miss you Mom"...You
can click on the links below to view
a specific page... Included in this site is my
business site, specially designed for
those of you who enjoy shopping online
finding best rates on phone/internet
services.. For those of you calling home
alot, you'll never find a cheaper rate
than this one... Surf along my bizniz
site, you'll be happy you did... Save on
your phone bill now... :) plus, I've
included some business opportunities in
there where you can earn urself some
few moolah and all... So, come along!!!