THE   FoMoCo   MOFOs
J  O  I  N          U  S           O  R          D  I  E          T  R  Y  I  N  G

-Member Acceptance-

On the full moon of every month the Club meets an undisclosed freeway underpass
in the greater LA area. Only one pledge can be entered per month.

The first part
of the initiation is a trail by fire. The pledge must place him or herself
in the Hellfire of Brother Roccos flamethrowin 49. Only after the given pledge
has passed this can he proceed with the rest of the initiation.

Stage two
of the initiation involves drinking one 12 pack of PBR or one fifth of Jim Beam (pledges choice) without vapor locking.

Stage three
The pledge must donate $200 dollars in US funds and a vial of his or her
blood for the afterlifetime membership policy.

After final approval
and Vote from all members in that chapter closest to the pledge. The pledge then receives his or her club car coat and plaque complete with lifetime membership or as long as the member owns a 1929 to 1969 Ford.