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Thanx to Pioneer this modded FW holds a "facelift" status.
No bugs has been fixed.
So if you're happy with your player as it is now - don't upgrade!


v5a (please, redownload - a minor bugfix)

  1. Pan&Scan for all 16:9 DVDs enabled.
  2. Color palette of IDX/SUB subtitles fixed.
  3. "Resume after stop" for DVD-Audio.
  4. Audio & video files in one list - just choose MP3[/JPG/WMA] in the initial dialog. To play audio after playing video first press MENU/RETURN/MENU.
  5. Folder (root folders only, folder name won't be shown in the file browser - bug) & track search, folder & track repeat, random play (current folder only).
  6. DSP v03.09.01.11 taken from DV-585


  1. New feature - DVD Fast Start. Press "Play" to skip any warnings, ads etc at the beginning of DVD video.
  2. DVD prohibited user operations protection removed.
  3. New item in the "Video Adjust" menu - Darker Than Black.
  4. SRT subtitles' milliseconds timing fixed.

v3 (a "lazy" release, don't wanna patch v2.10's 8032)

  1. ARM and DSP from official v2.10 - users report on some subtle DivX/MP3 improvements.
  2. 41-char subs filename limitation removed.
  3. Subs body is pure white now, an outline - pure black; alignment - bottom.
  4. Screensaver makes the screen totally blank - no "Pioneer" animation anymore.


  1. Region free (player will stay multizone even after downgrade to original FW).
  2. VFD (Vacuum Fluoricent Display) file navigation: while you're in the filebrowser everything under cursor will be shown on VFD (first 10 chars, ASCII only due to VFD limitations). Can be useful for MP3 users.

Changes relative to original FW:

  1. New filebrowser:
  2. White black-outlined subs (Font2-3, Impact 20, CP1251).
  3. New system font (Font0-1, Font9-10, Impact 14, CP1251).
  4. New items in the "Audio Settings" menu: Equalizer, Bass boost, Super bass, Treble boost.
  5. New "Video Output" submenu - "TV Type" (Multisync, PAL, NTSC. Off/On player after change).
  6. "V.Surround" key now turns on/off a random (shuffle) play of MP3s. "Virtual Surround" is still available through "Audio Settings" menu.

To flash DV-470 just rename file to B4FA2096.BIN.

Many thanx to all members of group!


P.S. The old way to make Pioneer's DVD-players region-free is here. 1