The Many Faces  of  Bridget Fonda

Aria (87)
You Can't Hurry Love (88)
Jacob Have I Loved (89)
Shag (89)
Scandal (89)
Strapless (89)
Frankenstein Unbound (90)
Godfather III (90)
Drop Dead Fred (91)
Out of the Rain (91)
Doc Hollywood (91)
Iron Maze (91)
Leather Jackets (92)
Single White Female (92)
Army of Darkness (93)
Singles (92)
Point of No Return (93)
Bodies, Rest & Motion (93)
Little Buddha (93)
It Could Happen To You (94)
The Road to Wellville (94)
Camilla (94)
Rough Magic (95)
City Hall (96)
Grace of My Heart (96)
Touch (97)
In the Gloaming (97)
Jackie Brown (97)
Break Up (98)
A Simple Plan (98)
Finding Graceland (98)
Lake Placid (99)
South of Heaven, West of Hell (00)
Delivering Milo (01)
Monkeybone (01)
Kiss of the Dragon (01)
The Whole Shebang (01)
No Ordinary Baby (01)
Snow Queen (02)
 Chris Isaak Show (02)

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Bridget's accident
Danny Elfman

Does Bridget look like any of these people?

Patricia Arquette
Chris Evert (1980)
Jodie Foster
Helen Hunt
Rachel Nichols
Leelee Sobieski
Maybe not all that much?
However, while making this webpage, my brother pointed out that Bridget looks a little like Ellen Degeneres in the picture from "Touch" and even a little like Jamie Lee Curtis in the picture from "Army of Darkness"!