Uss Soclater
The U.S.S. Soclater is a heavily armored, limited-role Starfleet vessel, based on the orginal Defiant ship.

We are stationed at the very edge of Star Fleet Control our status is Active Military Intervention, the use of force is permissible in all case without prior permission from Star Fleet. 

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One-Delta: Patrol off of Deep Orbiter Station for two years, search and hold ships that were targetted by station police. This crew were released from duty after being posioned by Biolian Slave Traders during a normal ship stop and search routine activity,

Two-Delta: Recruited new crew, assigned an extremely dangerous mission of locating and confirming the details rumoured to be held on an Alien Message plate.
Uss Soclater
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Uss Soclater Command Centre
Uss Soclater Internal Design Picture
Details towards the ships design
Uss Soclater Manifest / Crew
Ship Captains Details:
Captain Moss (Navy)
USS Soclater - location