Jan Henderson
Jan Henderson is a humor expert, a dynamic motivational speaker and storyteller, and one of Canada's leading specialists in creativity. Through her company, Fool Moon Productions, Jan gives workshops and keynote presentations based on the philosophy of the Wise Fool. Participants get in touch with their most authentic, playful, and creative aspect and use it to enrich their personal and professional lives. These have included business people, health care professionals, artists, and individuals of all disciplines.

As artistic director and performer with the internationally acclaimed company, Small Change Theatre, Jan has literally clowned her way around the world and discovered first hand that laughter is the universal language. She is a humor consultant for the Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, and her work in humor and healing is featured in
Phyllis' Miracle, an NFB documentary about breast cancer survivors. Jan studied extensively with mask and clown teacher, Richard Pochinko, performing under his direction and co-founding with him what is now the Theatre Resource Centre, Toronto.

Jan teaches her annual Mask and Clown course at the University of Alberta, where she also teaches acting in the Drama Departments's BFA Acting program. She is the creativity consultant for Heroic Hearts Inc., Toronto, developing creative teams and facilitating Breakthrough Thinking and Innovation seminars for corporations such as Bayer Pharmaceutical and Kodak Film. Jan also offers Rejuvenation workshops with laughter therapist Catherine Samson of Jokers Gone Wild. As part of her pursuit of joy in her life, she is a singer in the Celtic folk group, Sheela Na Gigh.

All of Jan's work is centered around a study of the creative process, and the techniques that allow that process to be applied to any human endeavor - from business, to holistic health, to the arts.

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