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Hello, hello! I am Kuvert and this is my TCG Collection blog. There's not much to say. I'm a huge graphics nut and I love all things Anime, Manga, and Videogames. Oh and Kuvert is French for Envelope if you were curious. Random I know.

Also check out my Forum and/or my DeviantArt page if you are curious about me.

My personal rules for trading

I'm pretty easy-going and I am a friendly person so if there's anything you want to trade have a go. But I will NEVER trade my collecting/not trading series, so don't ask :P


14/09/07 - Sent in Join form for PuzzleMania.
13/09/07 - Platinum cards are up. Played games.
13/09/07 - Sent in Join form for Platinum.
13/09/07 - Updated Trading Academy.
12/09/07 - Trading Academy cards up. Played Games.
12/09/07 - Sent in my join form for Trading Academy
12/09/07 - Picked my layout and opened the site.


Images: Aethereality
Brushes: Hybrid-Genesis, The 5th Muse Brush Gallery
Layout: Elysium Designs

The Fool

Name: Kuvert
Gender: Female
Country: Australia
DOB: August 19th
Enjoys: Manga, Anime, Videogames, Traveling, Dancing, Drawing.
Dislikes: People that chew with their mouth open, Backstabbers, Sneezing.

TCG Collection

Trading Academy