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Contacting Fools and Heroes

If you are interested in joining Fools and Heroes your first point of contact should probably be your local branch.
Other inquiries should go to the appropriate central office holder.

President - Roland Cooke, Urgent Contact,
Secretary - Ali Tunnicliffe,
Treasurer - Graham Johnson
Campaign Coordinator - Stuart Muir

Senior Referees
(Creatures) -
Steve Orr,
(Magic) - Andy MacDonald,
(Religion/Knights) - Richard Everard "Turtle", Please do not send emails with attachments

OOC Discussion -
OOC Noticeboard
Rules - Rules Discussion Noticeboard
F&H IC History - FnH History Email List
Norham Herald Editor - Louise Dennis,
Webcoordinator - Wendy Moylan,
Official Society Heroes - The Summerfest Builders

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Last modified: Sun Jan 04 2004