Taylor Hawkins and the Foo Fighters
This is a site dedicated to my favorite band and drummer.  Right now I have only pictures, but soon I will add other stuff.  Tell me what you want to see and I will add it.
4-19-2001: Sorry, I haven't had a lot of time to work on my site. I blame school. New pictures.
3-16-2002: I know its been a LONG time since there was an update.  It's not much but today I've added 2 pics of Dave.
Taylor Pictures
10-08-2002: *Sigh, I have so little time to work on this site.  Dont worry kids, it will be soon. I just have to work out my server problems. . . Foo Fighters Pictures
Dave Pictures
4-07-2003: I've FINALLY got some time to work on my site.  Sorry it took sooo long, I've had quite a few server and other site problems.
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