Lu-Cee Tibetan Spaniels - The Troupe
Just afew photos of some of the Troupe members.  Each is a personality unto themselves and I wouldn't have it any other way.  They are truly a wonder to live with !!!
CH Lu-Cee's Fair Roxanne  "Roxanne" -- named for the famous love of Cyrano. Currently being loved and pampered by Harry and Loree.
CH. Lu-Cee's Artful Dodger  "Artie" - named for the resourceful thief in Oliver Twist.  He is now a Theraphy dog and owns Evelyn and everyone they meet.
Lu-Cee's Stellaluna  "Stella" - named for the famous little lost Bat in one of my favorite childrens books
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Troupe History
CH. Lu-Cee's Artful Dodger - In a more professional stance