The Confession of Daniel

Greetings Everyone. My name is Kelsey, a friend of Mike and Neesa's. I made this site because Neesa has done something terribly wrong and I believe everyone deserves to know what she has done.

I'm sure all of you know about Mike and Neesa and how great of a couple they make. I used to agree full-heartedly. I thought they went great together and could even possibly get married. Until recently that is...

Let's just have a bit of background first. Mike and Neesa got together about.. 6 months ago I believe? They met on a game called Maplestory, where I, too, met Neesa. They spend a lot of time together, in-game and off, share a lot of the same friends, are in the same guild, have one of those 'crush' rings, and have practically convinced everyone that they'd be together forever.

Now, since they got together through the internet and that is their main way of speaking (the phone as well), it would make sense to be just as loyal ONLINE as real life. I mean, that is the definition of loyalty to a boyfriend/girlfriend? And especially to someone whom you supposedly care deeply for... And to someone you'd be dating long-distance. Well.. it appears that loyalty is an issue on Neesa's part here.

I believe this calls for a little background on me. I used to date a guy named Daniel. We had our fun, but the relationship didn't last and I broke his heart. I also wasn't the nicest to him after our break up because he was still greatly attatched and being caring and comforting to someone who's still deeply in love with you doesn't improve the situation. Daniel is also a friend of Neesa's, and while he was upset over me, he turned to her for the comfort. Now don't get me wrong, Neesa is a great friend, but Neesa took her friendship with Dan FAR too far.. especially because she is with Mike.

She's cheating on Mike with him. Daniel confessed it to me before about 'Just a little cyber fun' but I thought it would end and nothing need be said... Well. Daniel has confessed a lot more than just that. Last night (4/16/06), the DAY Mike got to Neesa's to visit her, Daniel gave me a full confession of everything that has happened to between them. And although he admitted it to me, it took a lot of force to even get him to admit it to Kyle. I screenshot both accounts, but I will show you the conversation between Daniel, Kyle and myself while were on Maplestory.

For those of you who don't know us, or dont even know Maplestory... Ignore the orange-text, that is merely my friends speaking over Buddy Chat. xTrogdor, is me, Kooper113 is Kyle, and KuBlaKhan is Daniel. And here we are:

Yeaahhh.. That is part of it. So let's sum it up here. Neesa and Daniel have cybered, phone sexed, and have even thought about planning for DANIEL to come visit.. for what? Sex. And now.. she's angry at him because he was talking with another girl? She got jealous...? That whole situation confuses me entirely >_>;

Oh but we learn even more. Daniel didn't even initiate this...

I'm sorry Mike. I really am, but there's more...

The next few screenshots shows Daniel and I in a trade. He's giving me money because I was hacked not long ago, and all the stuff I had borrowed from a friend to train was taken back.. He was being kind enough to help me out. =/

Uhhhm. Ignore my crazy insult there... I was extremely upset learning all of this >_>;

Yeahh... it never gets any better..

Mike, for this one, I am especially sorry...

-=Sighs=- To be quite honest I was livid learning all the things Neesa and Daniel have done. But I don't blame Daniel. He's a guy who was hurt and was just seeking comfort, but Neesa has no excuse. She's with someone, someone she's 'LOVES'. Yet on top of being with that 'One and only' she wants a fuck buddy on the side? That just doesn't slide.

One more note to Neesa. THIS IS MY DOING. Not Kyle's, Not Daniel's. MINE. If there's ANYONE you should be mad at it should be ME. Not Kyle, not Daniel, ME. I made the webstie, I FORCED Daniel to come clean with it all. I'M THE ONE POSTING THIS ON EVERYTHING INVOLVING YOU (IE Yer xanga, myspace, everything). You fucked up, bad. And either you fix your problems or you should forever be alone. I know this will cost me our friendship, but it's the right thing to do.

I'm sorry Mike

This website was created Monday after the confession (4/17/06) and was created SOLELY by me. Kelsey. xTrogdor.

Need a means of contacting me? Talk to me in-game xTrogdor, or on AIM: x schwad. Nothing else is appropriate. Kthxbye.