Remote Control Football Pools

When you use our satellite system there is three basic components. When we need to update scoring, or user information, it is all done for you automatically without any need for you to upload, or download anything. Your web server, our web server, and your website visitor, for football teams and divisions in the UK, these selection methods are an absolute must. The user browses onto your website and sees your football pool there for the playing. Free football pool, Pro football, superbowl, nfl, UK Premiership. Our server is what is feeding the content into the viewers screen along with your page.

For this system, If you do not have a website but wish to setup your football pool with us, use the football pools system interface to host your football pools. Fantasy football, nfl pool, office Pool, Football pools, webpools, remote control sports. Whether you are a professional gambler, or just someone who enjoys the occasional flutter, you should always use one of these systems whenever you play on the football pools. The first system is intended only for users who have a website or are setting up a website, but can be used by anyone who is serious about making money on the football pools. The only things you will need are a newspaper and a pen.

Free Football Pool system and Football Pool Software. Run your office football pools or play in the superbrawl football pool. Football pool nfl footballpool, survivor, pickem games, office football pool.


System Options

RSS Remote Satellite System
You do all your artwork to match the look of the file and menu with your website and it's images and color schemes. The football pools system. When you are done, you end up with a page that looks and feels exactly like your website. Optionally, you can download a file that has a set of images and background, and layout designed to perform all the pool functions, and then transform it into your own design. The preferred and more flexible way to setup your website contest is to use our true Remote Satellite System. In this setup, we provide you with a basic index file that has nothing in it except the necessary content to communicate with the satellite web server.

RCS-ONE Frames
The Frames file has an upper, or left frame (or both) and a main frame where our content is displayed using a simple frame command. The pool systems that are explained on the following page will give you a good idea of how you can improve your chances of winning. The two blue frames represent page content from your site, and the lower right frame is content from our site in a premade interface. There are two systems you can go with. RCS-ONE is a system where you can setup in one step using a simple frames file. This is a very stable environment, and is the easiest to setup. However, it offers you the least amount of flexibility. Once your account is setup, you can download and install this in literally minutes using your websites control panel, or your favorite FTP program. Download now and get started right away!

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