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Anti-Sniper Hall of Fame

Listed below are derogatory comments anti-snipers have made about snipers. Please be advised that not all anti-snipers use such terms. Some come to the community boards asking for help in a courteous fashion. Each one of those kind people are inundated with assistance from the pro-sniper crowd. The ones who come on the boards with comments such as the ones below? Well, they pretty much get what they deserve, too. I have reproduced the anti-snipers' posts below exactly as they appeared with misspellings, bad grammar, poor punctuation, illogic and all the other warts intact.

The All-Time Anti-Sniper Comment
"B", Let me give you some very good advice. Stop ALL of you're auctions now. Re-register under a new id. This mental case you are debating with is very obsessed with hate, he is no doubt going to interfere with you're auctions. This by the way is some snipers tactics from these boards as I know first hand. Stop and think, even the mental case has a posting id. This is hard to fathom as to why with his outgoing friendly personality,lol.He has admitted people messed with his auctions also. Do this at once, This nut could be the next Bundy or Dahmer. You are not debating with a normal person. t

Second Place
But, bidding the last few seconds of an auction is wrong no matter how many ways one may try to justify it...I am proud to hold high moral standards. My horse is definitely big and tall. Sometimes, one just knows what one believes and holds true to one's heart; like murder or rape. Do you not agree that it is wrong or do you need a reference?

Garden Variety Name-Calling
[S]heer sneakiness
Mrs. McSnipe
[B]and of cutthroats
[D]en of thieves
[H]ard-souled creatures
[D]evious snipers
[T]heir disgusting, sneaky habits
[L]urking in the wings waiting to ambush them - much the same as one does not go into dangerous neighborhoods because of thugs waiting to mug honest citizens.
[I]mplacable "12 second bombers"
[W]aiting with your *%&$!! finger on the RETURN button
[T]his type of dispicable act
Snipers are SCUM
They know how to cheat the rest of us and it is not fair.
[T]hey could not be honest and bid like they are sopposed to.
[W]hat about simple KINDNESS?
Feeling the old conscious sneaking up on you?
It's not over a difference of bidding, more of difference of morals.
What is wrong with being honest in an interest of an auction?
A fair auction is showing some interest not stealing an item out of that preverbal cart while the person who chose it had placed it in THEIR cart!!!
[A] shining example of the problems of our society.
Ready to pounce, fangs fully revealed, foaming.
My, My, aren't you snipers thin skinned? It's too bad you don't have the same considerations for your victims.
Do you not care about anyone, but yourselves? Not a very nice welcoming for the community. b
Of course this is a posting ID. I am not about to walk into a nest of snipers and use my selling ID. b
[S]ome jerk (who has made no bids) comes along and steals the auction durring the last couple of minutes...TOTALY UNFAIR!
[T]hese sleezy last second snatchers who play unfair.
Why does not ebay do something about these sneaky,reptilian, snipers? They don't do any thing for ebay except spread their venom and cause dissension. Ebay would be a much more friendlier place if they would do something about these grabbing, lurking, snakes. b
[S]some point-headed little twerp came in with seconds to spare and bought MY camper.

The "Bad Stinkin' Self" Tantrum Approach
Yep. I give up. I am, as of now, no longer going to use Ebay for two reasons: Snipers (cheating, disgusting cheapos)and feedback problems. I am tired of losing to snipers when I've openly placed a bid from the beginning. One should have to show interest in an item by placing a bid at least two days before auction ends instead of lurking like the drooling cheapskates that they are and then outbidding by 1 lousy penny or dollar those of us who are honest. It's unfair to buyers AND to sellers. They don't benefit either. They lose, lose, and lose money from these silent waste-of-space thieves.

Also, if you leave deserved negative feedback for a scammer, it's a lose-lose situation. They will get you for it by leaving negative feedback when you deserve no negative feedback. Then your 100% is out the window. Plus, there's no way to get money back from scammers.

GOOD-BYE EBAY. You go on with your bad stinkin self and choose to LOOOOOOOSE by not changing rules.

The Devastating Wit of Noel Coward Approach
Dirty little faggot sniper. Sniping is about as low as you can possibly go. Scared little pansies that dont want any chance of being outbid do it. Sniping should be illegal on eBay, and all who do it are dirty little faggots.

Bugs Who?
And itís MORON, not maroon. Unless you think I am a deep, wine-colored red. Maroon.

These Are Definitely In a Category By Themselves
[T]he kind of people who figure out how to steal peoples identities and run up thousands on stolen cards

[T]he kind who figure out how to print counterfeit money

[T]he ones who work their way around a burglar alarm system

So enjoy your morally bankrupt rationalizations, and your ill-gotten gains...just remember, when your crooked accountant steals your life savings, or when your employee embezzles thousands of dollars, or when your credit cards and identity are stolen, just remember...what goes around comes around.

User (13) is just another sniping jerk who waits till [T]here's not even enough time to send an e-mail to the person who held the lead for the last 5 days. Who ever you are are I hope the mike electrocutes you. You suck.

I don't trust the snipers not to interfere with my auctions. Any one who would snipe would probably do that. b

[I]n every case I was "winning" until some sniping idiot was able to place a bid--in two cases after I ALREADY HAD THE GREEN LIGHT FOR WINNING THE ITEM.

Why would a decent person want to snipe? Just remember snipers are the dregs of ebay. The bidder that has been on the whatever the longest has more of an interest than the sniper and should have the right to defend their bid, but the snipers take that right away from them. b

Very sneaky. I hope you choke on them.

Youíre Just No Damned Good, You Snipers
[Y]ouíve just got to take something away from somebody, and be a sneak about it.

[E]njoy expressing their contempt for people

They arenít just bidding for stuff, theyíre screwing people over and enjoying it.

I think they just like 'getting over' on someone and are in it for the 'thrill' they get from causing honest bidders to loose what they have honestly worked to get.

[T]he thrill these deviates get from stabbing honest bidders in the back at the very last second.

Just think about the innocent bidder that was up front and honest with the first bid on the first day of the auction before you snipe the item in the last 10 seconds!!!

I know I hate selling a item to a sniper, the jerks wait until the last second and outbid someone who has bid over a several day period.

It sounds like these guys just like to have the feeling that they have just pulled a fast one.

[J]ust someone trying to screw someone else!

I just don't see how throwing a bid in at the last second is considered fair bidding. I had bid on a Item 13 times, and also put in a very high proxy bid and a person who calls themselves a true bidder bids with 3 seconds left and out bids me. And it is the only bid they put in, I don't consider that a true bidder, and I think others will agree.

[H]i, daphne.please, allow me to disagree about the fact that there is nothing wrong with sniping. i do believe, it is immoral, dishonest, and , quite frankly, disgusting!!!!!!! i am very surprised that sniping disrespectful as it is , is considered to be a legal practice on ebay.

I think sniping comes under the category of con game, and people who do it aren't playing fair.

[U]nderneath it all is simply the joy of getting over on some poor schmoe

Ebay allows it because it appeals to all the get-overs who want to play that way.

Snipers should leave. Maybe if Ebay wasted FEWER CYCLES supporting the literary exploits of people who BURN other people in the last MINUTE.

When is ebay going to do some thing about the sniper problem? I mean they are such sneaks. They hide and lurk like snakes and bid when it is impossible to bid against them. Why don't they bid like regular bidders? I can't imagine why ebay lets them do that. b

It's a game and their only defense is that ebay allows it, saying ..... "it is legal" I think it's a cowards game and I'm with you on ebay doing something about it. Hey snipers, why not come in early to the game and show us what ya got?

How can you say you love sniping? Don't you people have any regard for the other bidders? How can you stand yourselves? You are pitiful chaps. b

Sniping is less "dumb" than it is morally repellant. It is a form of "cheating" in order to get what a person wants.

[T]hat does not make it "right " to use a slimy practice and wreck the fun that other bidders are having.

Ooooohhhh, We're Shakin' In Our Boots
Ebay should add a page for those who snipe the most, this way the rest of us would know when one of you is lurking.

Anyone have any recommendations of how I can add a comment to this guy's feedback so everyone knows what a sneak he is? This is really a scam when a business swoops in in the last seconds of an auction and outbids the average guy. Anyone know how I can contact e-bay about this guy?

If I had anything to do with it, snipers would be banned much faster than any other type of offender.

I made my very first bid on EBay yesterday. I discovered later that In the last 30 seconds I was outbid. Sniping is a new word in my vocabulary now. Should I give the sniper a negative feedback rating or am I just being petty?

But if someone was sniped and complained about it, showing that this person makes a habit of it, couldn't SOMETHING be done? You can bet that I'll be watching the auctions THIS person is bidding on!! That's for sure!!!

I think there was something fishy going on and I filed a complaint.

I feel that sniping is illegal. I have just been the victim of it and contacted ebay as I watched it happened and could do nothing. Tomorrow I am going to contact my attorney and the BBB to see what I can do. If I am to be notified by email and am watching the item at the same time it is or should be impossible to happened but, it just did. I also contacted the seller and the sniper. I hope ebay feels that something could be done. I am really unhappy with ebay for letting sniping occur!

Whoís That Behind Those Foster Grants?
They hide behind false member IDs.
They havenít even got the guts to appear on this board as themselves,

Howís That Again?
I REFUSE to bid with a sniper anymore ..... i will check out every bid i place .... if a sniper is in there, and it is EASY TO SEE ... i am outta there, so may the sniper and seller be happy.

ME!!! Two it happend to me, last seconds of auction, the stole my coin, i Wass only bidder 10 days see end of auction I LOST 7 seconds they one my coin, isn`t right, I paid attention to the action like I`m supposed to the hole time not fair...

I think someting is fishing here EBAY in cohoots with Seller for more dollars somethimg fishy here!!!

Cheapskate Snipers
You morons, uh, snipes, are just cheapskates who will never bid reasonable in any auction because they just want to get something for nothing or nearly nothing.

Little Gems from "T"
Communism spreads the same way, people think it's wonderful in the beginning. The government is going to take care of us all and take our guns to make this a safe place for all of us. The government is going to give us all free medical and give us all a place to live. Ah, but when it has it's clutches around the peoples neck and they yell foul, it's too late the country is owned by the government and you will do what they say. You don't even have a gun to take back your own country. You see, someone took everything away and made you think it was your idea. Sniping is doing the same thing to ebay as we speak and alot of people think it's wonderful.

Sniping needs to be eliminated because it is a problem. However, The boards are mostly pro-snipers and you will get little sympathy here. The snipers don't see a problem at all. It's like termitesdon't see a problem with eating your house, why would they?

So Many "B"-isms, So Little Time, Where to Begin...
Well it seems that all of the responses to your post are in favor of snipe bidding, but in my opinion it is an unethical method of bidding. Just a half step up from shill bidding. It is a shame that there are so many that don't see it for what it is. Cheating!

You weren't a sniper on this auction. After all you were the first bidder and was one of the players. They all knew you were there and should have been prepared for a last second bid if they really wanted the item. In my opinion a sniper is someone who never is in the game until the last second.

By the way how much have you stolen today?

Yes you are right [agreeing with another user]. The people that snipe haven't any sense of eBay community. They are sneaks who are only interested in their own selfish desires. They put out this self righteous stuff to the new comers to bid the most that they think an item is worth, but they don't tell them that they themselves bid massive amounts in order to win. A regular eBay bidder cannot beat these snipers unless they want to put themselves in risk of paying much more than an item is worth. Their sense of community is nil. They have a sense only for their little nest of snipers and not too much for that. They are strictly for themselves and to h*ll with the rest of eBay bidders.

I wonder when you are going to come from behind that fake no feedback ID and post like a man. You cheating, stealing sniper.

You have a lot of gall to write such a post then end it with the snide Have a nice day. Get a life your rudeness.

So you selfish snipers want everything your way, well that does not surprise me. BTW one of you spoke of competition. Why don't you snipers get competitive sometimes instead of bidding always when your bidding opponent cannot answer. Sniping may be within the rules, but it is still dirty pool. You all seem to want consideration and respect, but you will not give it,with your cutthroat tactics, to your bidding opponents. Why should they give it to you? I want the right to have extended auction because I don't like your type of bidding and I believe I should have the right to keep you off of any auctions I might have. Right now it is not easy to keep your kind from bidding and AE is the most practical solution I can see to the sniping problem.

Yes, I appreciate bidders, the honest and open ones that is, I do not appreciate snipe bidders. You made the seller more money in that auction, but then so what? Not all sellers are money grubbers who want your kind's money. I certainly am not. I don't really want to call names, but I tell you I despise your kind of bidding. You did not, in that auction have the guts to offer one bid when it would have been possible for any one of the others to counter bid. That lack of competitiveness is what I truly dislike.

You think I am an idiot because I don't agree with or think like you? That surely says a lot about you. If You like snipers and their business so much You are welcome to them , but I certainly don't believe that makes you an idiot, but then I suppose it is easy to call another names, you don't have to think very hard to do that. LOL

I am the only seller that I represent. I, of course want to sell my books, but I DO NOT like or respect any of these snipe bidders, that think it is so smart to slap their fellow bidders in the face with their snipe bids. I despise that type of bidding and believe eBay would be a much friendlier site if they would get rid of it. This is my opinion only, but I have as much right to post it here as these others in this snipers' nest have to express their's.

You are right. I don't have any friends in this snipers' nest, but then I did not come here expecting to make any because I certainly do not want to be friends with a sniper. I would rather be friends with the honest open bidders who aren't so pig selfish that they have to slap other bidders in the face to win. I have asked this before, if the way you advise new comers to bid is so great why don't you snipers bid that way. You are good at handing out advice, but you surely don't want to follow it. Snipers are afraid to give a bid when they know someone can bid against them. You can rationalize your position all you want, but you know it stinks and I don't believe you really feel comfortable by sniping or you would not get so high and mighty and defensive about it.

True the highest bid wins, but the sniper has an advantage in that because by bidding at the last second they can bid an unreasonably high bid and have to pay only one increment over the next higher bidder. For instance suppose an item has a value of $100, the sniper can bid $1000 and win, because no sensible bidder would bid that knowing that a sniper could force him to pay much more than it was worth. I read a post a few days ago where a sniper was complaining because he lost to a previous proxy bidder. The value of the item was, according to the snipe $200, so he put in a bid of $600 and did not win because the previous bidder's proxy was higher, so although some of the snipers claim this does not happen, I believe it is very common. In my humble opinion eBay should require the last second bidder to pay the full amount of their proxy bid, not just one increment over the next higher bidder.

Bull! That is not the American Way. That is the way of jerks that don't care about there fellow citizens.

It is very difficult to beat a sniper by bidding a fair value, because with their manner of bidding they are free to bid a massive amount, much more than the item is worth, because they only have to pay one increment over your bid. [Does he not notice that this statement and the one immediately below are completely contradictory?]

Yes, that is the reason snipers do their thing. To get something on the cheap, I certainly don't think they are any friends to sellers. [Does he not notice that this statement and the one immediately above are completely contradictory?]

Here is the last auction I had that was sniped. Admittedly it is for a small amount but it will work 1511258855. Starting bid was $3.99. Two early bidders kicked up the bid to $10.75 and a snipe won it with $11.25. A whole 50 cents increment. Now what seller would not rather have the early bidders on their auction kicking up the bid. The snipe helped, but the early bidders helped $10.75 more. If they had not been there the snipe would have gotten it for $3.99

I don't like rational thought or using logic. They both give me intense headaches. I find thinking illogically must more enjoyable.

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