i eat pieces of USF for breakfast


The Notorious Sunday League was a prevelant fixture in last years Timbey calander. However over the past few months the Timbey rivals, the Urban Smoke Federation (USF), seemed to have dissappeared. We all know that the Timbey enjoyed defeating the USF, on many occassions. Noteably the inaugural match

Well whenever the USF are ready to face the might of the Timbey Warriors, the Timbey will be ready. Not only is the Premiership under way but hopefully the NSL will get going again too. Rumour has it that the USF is due to disband because of collusion with too many anal faggot boyfriends. Whinging bitches!

timbey don't take no bull......shite


This is the "new look" Football Timbey web site. I know what you are all thinking and I know its about bloody time too. A big shout out has to go out to all Timbey Warriors everywhere. Whether you are back at the grass roots of the Timbey heartland or off in far away lands, the Timbey remembers ya. For anyone who wants to be recruited into the Timbey Brotherhood you will have to get in contact with us with this link. email us

meatwagon hi-jack 2002

As you can see from the picture above, not even the police can stop the Timbey enjoying a night out on the tear. There are many more pictures available for your own personal view pleasure in the photo section.

2002/03 CHAMPION

F.T.P. CHAMPION 2002/03

Here is last years champ Leon Currie, manager of the LAClustre 11, proving that not only lesbians like to drink from the cup.

Football Timbey was established in the year 1999 by the residents of the legendary Timbey Park. On the turn of the millenium three young bucks rented themselves a piece of history. Little did they know that this humble begining was to blossom (like a young virgin) into what can only be described as the biggist movement since Jon's curry escapades of '94. It was then that this fantasy football league was born. From then the word of the Timbey has spread like wildfire to become what it is today. The reality, the legend, the dream.


Always Remember - "Timbey Forever, Forever Timbey"

Don't Forget - "USF...Wank Wank Wank"