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Welcome to Anderson's Foothills Ranch
Thank you for visiting our web page.  Here at Anderson's Foothills Ranch we breed, raise, train and sell Quarter Horses, Paint Horses, Mules and a few Miniature Horses and Mules.  We also raise Columbian / Rambouillet cross sheep and registered Pembroke Welsh Corgi's.  In order to feed all of our critters, we raise alfalfa hay and put it up in small bales.  Some of this hay is available for sale each year.

Our ranch is located on the North Western fringe of the beautiful San Luis Valley in South Western Colorado.  We are nestled in a valley in the foothills (hence the name) and border Bureau of Land Management lands on three sides.

The Foothills Ranch Team:
Dan and Anna Anderson and daughter Alice

We are a small, family operation.  Between the two of us we offer about fifty-five years of combined experience in breeding and training horses and mules.  Fifteen years of experience in breeding and raising sheep.  Forty five years combined experience in hay farming.  And thirty-two years experience outfitting in the San Juan, La Garita and Sangre de Christo mountains.

Our Goal:
Our goal is to produce sound, quality registered and unregistered using horses and mules for various activities at prices the average person can afford.  We believe that everyone should be able to afford a quality horse, no matter what their favored activity is. From trail riding in the mountains, roping in the pasture, barrel racing in the arena or showing registered AQHA and APHA horses nationwide in any discipline.

Please browse our pages for horses, mules and Corgi's for sale.  We also offer around 500 tons of high quality alfalfa hay in small bales for sale each year.
Dan and Anna Anderson
Our Pages:
Macmeyer Babies
Pembroke Welsh Corgi's
Horses For Sale
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Minis For Sale
The Long Eared Page
Contact Information:
Name: Dan and Anna Anderson