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FoothillTransit Mission Statement:
If you find a transporation company that offers better service than us... You take their bus because "We won't be beat!"
FoothillTransit Sports
Foothill a major disappointment in the 2004 Olympic Games

Ernie's foothill transit team competed in the basketball tournament only to be slaughtered by the Antarctic penguins.  Ernie blames the loss due to the fact that he had no team also that he had to use the bathroom during the entire event after eating a rotten burrito.  Final score was 100-0.  Ernie's standings are #400 of 399.
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Taco South
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Sports in Foothill EXPRESS
Ernie expresses deep concern over the management of the NBA.  He doesn't understand why good teams can't win against lousy teams.  Ernie threatened the NBA management that if they don't become legitimate, Ernie will take action by indiscriminately throwing fun passes at all NBA basketball games.  Since no one likes the Lakers, no one goes see them, thus no one takes the shuttle, thus Ernie doesn't make money.
Words to Live by...
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New Indiana Pacers Center to be opened, Foothill proudly sponsors it.
Ernie plans to celebrate by eating a bean burrito and celebrating. However, Ernie can not be responsible for his actions, and a hostage negotiator may be needed, if event arises.
We'll beat anyone's advertised
price or your Fun Pass is FREEEEE!!!
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Never punch Ernie in the stomach...or else HIT THE DECK!!!

McCoy charges Ernie with Indecent Exposure, recommends Death penalty, Murder 1, Ernie pleads guilty, assigned to community service at Foothill Transit
Why work for Foothill?
"Working for Foothill is great!! This is the first time someone hired me without making fun of me.  I get paid on comission driving express buses.  I also get to pay for the gas for the buses.
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Ernie proposes a baked bean eating contest
Ernie loves to shop at Sears because they have his Big & Tall sizes including 10XL and size 80" waist for a big boned guy like Ernie.  Also Ernie says that Sears prices can't be beat!    SHOP AT SEARS NOW
Award winning 1/2 diamond hotel in Alhambra second only to Ambassador Inn
Shopping...Dining....Entertainment???  Alhambra has it all?!
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