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I've known Brandy for about 2 years now, and I've had the HOTS for her all along.  She's not only pretty, sexy and glamorous, but she also has class!  I'd take her anywhere - from a hockey game to a concert at Carnegie Hall to home to Mom - and I'd be proud to have her on my arm everywhere.  She's got legs that are my ultimate fantasy legs and feet that beg to be sucked and licked.  We did our first photo shoot 2 days ago and got lots of great photos, all of which you'll see here exclusively over the next several weeks.
  Email me and let me know what you think of this site and about Brandy.  Let us know how to improve it and what you like in the way of foot and leg photos.  I can't promise we'll get around to everyone's wishes, but we'll certainly go with those that are most popular.
  You can email Brandy directly from the link below.  She loves getting the emails, and will do her best to get back to everyone.

    Sean (Footographer)

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