Okay, dude. The Seizures have been broken up for like, what. A year and a half now? You're still looking at this page? The fuck is wrong with you?

Well, if you're one of the eight people who still care about the Seizures, then you should know that we have a couple new releases out. The first is the long-delayed split 7" with Lands Farther East. The song on there is called "La Jolla For Locals" and was recorded at DIG in Bellingham with Doug Krebs. The line-up on that record is James on vocals and guitar, Brian on Guitar, Monkey on bass and Dave on drums. It's a very good song, and my favorite thing we recorded in this band.

The second thing is a MASA records compilation that has a live track called "Welcome To Blood City" that we recorded during our final performance ever at the KUGS studios. The line-up on that song features Jamie on drums and Bruce on bass. This song is pretty harsh and screamy and is indicative to what we'd do later on with USS Horsewhip.

Both of these are released by MASA Records. And are also available through Pool Or Pond.

Brian and James are in a band called USS Horsewhip. It's heavier and artier than The Seizures, and if you're into the whole garage punk thing, you probably won't like us. Still, you can check out our website Here. 1