Our Loving Tribute To Our Angel...
Z.Deanne Schauer Lawrence
    Tonight we light a candle in remembrance of Z.Deanne Schauer Lawrence, who left us on September 29th, 2003. Why you had to leave so soon we shall never know, knowing we will see your bright eyes and beautiful wings when we meet at the gates of heaven is what makes us go on.  I shall miss your awesome smile, your way you put up with me, even when you didn't  agree with what I do, you were always there when I needed you.  You always would call and want to go on one of your endless shopping trips and thinking that I had all the time in the world I said no, next time I will ..... I learned on that day when u died so suddenly of a blood clot that decided to move, that there may not always be a next time.....
   You left behind a beautiful 10 year old daughter that your eyes shine through every day.  You were always giving and willing to give everything your all. You were an organ donor, you donated your corneas which in turn let someone see their family and live a bright future thanks to  your giving nature.
    You will always be remembered as my one and only sister and my best friend.  I am lost without you, but I hope as time goes by it may get easier.  We shall never heal from the grief but shall see the light in having the best angel looking down on us that we may ever ask for.  We shall love you always and forever you are in our hearts and in our prayers.  We shall see you again at the gates of heaven.
Love forever and always.  Your sister, Danielle Schauer, Your daughter, Megan Schauer,  Mom and Dad, Charlie and Jeanne Schauer, And Kenny Asbury

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