.::~*FOrbIDdeN gArDEn*~::.

Hello peeps! I've reopen mah site, as you can see. From now on, this site is gonna be for me to talk and recomand books that i've read and stories i've written. Here's a simple summary i've written for the story i'm gonna write...soon. so don't anticipate for it to be finish soon!


Angelís Tear

Some said it is a gift, but I think it is a curse.

I no longer have my emotion.

I cannot weep at the death of my father and mother.

I cannot anger at the lost of my brother.

I am by myself now, me and the world, with nothing for me to hang on to.

I am now a pray, the preditor captured me and used me for making his fortune.

I am nothing but a curse.

I am curse with Angelís TearÖ