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he Forbidden Library is dedicated to creating the best supplements for Role Playing Games on the internet. The United Mutant Republic for Palladium's Rifts RPG, The Manor of Lord Goldenmoon adventure for tsr's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, The two chapters; Shades of Blood & Aquarius Chapter for The Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k, and more every month. Supplements are not the only thing available. There are original eTales in the Reading Room, The Forbidden Library's own Golden Skull award, and the New Forbidden Shoppe. Updates occur often so please come back soon...

Updates to the Library

12/20/00 - We have secured our new home at www.drrklibrary.com, we will be going live with the new site at midnight, New Years eve!

12/19/00 - We are working at updating the entire Forbidden Library for 2001. Check back in January for new stuff, including, contests, awards, updates, and much more!

8/28/00 - The new "Forbidden Shoppe" is now open! Check it out!

9/13/00 - The eTales section is up and running. We have updated the area with new MP3 original tales. More...

9/14/00 - Major overhaul to the Rift's Universal Mutant Republic area. Updated content and added new info. Check it...

To explore the Forbidden Library, use this map to the right to explore all of the rooms which are available.

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