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Greetings: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to forcastmusic.com home of the studio band FORCAST. This is the brain child of yours truly... Keyboardist/Drummer...
G. Sherlock Miller. I must say that I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with some of the finest musicians Atlanta has to offer.

Forcastmusic.com: While you are here, listen to a MP3 or RealAudio file, find out how to get your own Forcast recordings, read everything you ever wanted to know about Forcast, and more. Experience for yourself the joy you will receive with this music.

G. Sherlock Miller What Is It? Iím not much for the use of "Labels". As we look back in time, we see that "Satchmo" Louis Armstrong crossed over into the POP world as did many other jazz artist's. So, was Satch still a jazzer? I would think so!! If givin the choice I would agree with Josef Zawinul with the tab "World Music". I would like this music to be able to reach the masses. I write and play from the heart. That is what is important to me. Call it "Instrumental Pop", "Contemporary Jazz" or "Fusion" or " Whatever". Iím sure, if you try, can hear all of the aformentioned influences from Latin, Jazz, R&B, and Rock. Squeeze "Forcast" somewhere in between "The Yellow Jacketís" and "The Rippingtons" or just call it "Music from the Heart".

ON A FINAL NOTE: It has been said that MUSIC will tame the Wild Beast and Soothe the Soul. If that is true, then my wish is that you will enjoy these recordings at least half as much as we did in recording them. And in so doing, one of my missions in life will be fullfulled.....

G. Sherlock Miller

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