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Welcome to ForCHINate Chins Chinchilla Rescue

Proudly serving the Cleveland area of Ohio!

If you know of a chinchilla that needs to be rescued or have decided to rehome your own chinchilla, please contact us using the button below!

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If you have already made arrangements for your chin(s) to come to ForCHINate Chins Chinchilla Rescue, please click the button below.

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If you're looking for a chinchilla to adopt, please look at our Adoptions page, or click the button below.

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Please take a look at our Chincessories store for all the supplies you'll need for your chins!!

To date, ForCHINate Chins has re-homed 126 Chinchillas!

Plus 34 Degus and 4 Cockateils!

(this does not include the 3 chins we adopted ourself!)