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"You just can't stay seventeen forever"
     Steve to Curt - "American Graffiti"
Well . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..Why not?
When I was 17, I liked modifying and tinkering with any car I could get my hands on.
I still do.
When I was 17, I liked the smell of oil and Go-Jo on my hands and the sound of a flathead.
I still do.
When I was 17, I liked to B.S. and share a cool beverage (the statute of limitations ran out a long time ago) with my friends who always had grease under their fingernails.
I still do.
Why is it that so many people work themselves to within one foot of the grave so that they can retire to do what they did when they were 17?
I've never really grown up. I never intend to. This page celebrates those 17 year olds who are trapped in a 50+ year old body and the women who have shared their life and love for the freedom of the open road.
I never cruised Van Nuys or Woodward. But I bet that I had the same feeling as those who did when I first started a car, got my license, and saw what "it could really do". Sarah (my wife of a lot of good years) and I will update this site each month posting more pictures of rods of the northern prairie, talk about the building of our coupe, and other stuff that may (or may not) interest you.
We are driving into the next century wearing our Hawaiian shirts, with a full tank of gas, and with "Little Deuce Coupe" or "Drag City" screaming from the cassette player.
Ride along with us.

Keep cruisin'
Bob and Sarah
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Chris and Donna's '52 Ford
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Our 1938 Ford Standard Coupe "ROK&ROL"
Our Coupe
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See it built from the beginning to the road
Norm and me (Sarah's behind the camera)
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