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The Icy Hot Stuntaz, is a web page that I have stumbled across a couple times, and seriously hope that these guys are joking, cuz if they arent, then they are just straight up GHEY. Anyway click on the picture to see their webpage,,,,,,,its a great laugh. =D
Now, there is also a parody site that i have come across in searching the internet, you can click here to view this site. =)
Here is a little portion of my front page, dedicated to the love of my life, nah, not Teal Thunder, but JM. Once we get some pictures of her car, and stuff ill make her own private page on my website, but untill then, ill use this section here to say I LOVE YOU JM =)
""Are you a figment of my imagination or am I one of yours?"
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Hi Everyone, long time and no update,,, ive been quite busy with my car, lots of stuff is being planned for it over the summer,, i cant wait.

Mainly i have been doing show stuff, neons, system, and some styling mods.  Im hoping to get some guys together to do a cruise.  So if your from Northern New Jersey, EMAIL ME,,, and we can see about a cruise down to english town and try to get some times on the 1/4.  All cars are welcome, but please have some visual/show mods done.
Hope to hear from ya soon!
I put my car up on Car Domain, go and check it out,,,Dont forget to vote!  CLICK HERE
Ok i have been getting some hate comments in my guest book,,,why all the haters????   That i dont know,,,,,, I am obviously a Ford guy,,,,,I would defnitely include Mopar stuff in my webpage if i knew anything about it,,,, if anybody is willing to help me out in that end of the site,,,,id be gratefull.

Now to all those import drivers that are hating, saying that they can smoke me,,, let me see,,,, you drive a 4 cylinder car, sure your car weighs less,,but can you say Torque??? where is your torque?  sure your car is quick,,,,,,  but weight is not everything.  Your car really cant pull through the entire RPM range.   I raced my friends Focus,,which supposedly has more HP,,,but where is his torque??  i obviously beat him.

and i have never said my car is fast,,,,,,however it is faster then alot of imports,,,,,,,,,,
and by no means do i hate imports,,,, imports are great if they are done tastefully, however there are very few around,,,,,  and i have invited ALL cars to be included in my car cruise to English town, so let there be peace.