Delta Phi Epsilon

Mission Statement...
Mission Statement:

“We are a Professional Foreign Service Sorority.”

I. Professional

a. The founding of Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Sorority took place at the Alpha Chapter House on February 24, 1973.
b. We have come together with a lifelong interest and commitment to each other and to Delta Phi Epsilon.
c. We aim for intellectual and spiritual education that will facilitate growth and encourage women to pursue careers in international relations.

II. Foreign Service
a. By this we are not merely referring to the Foreign Service but extending the definition to include careers in diplomacy, banking, education, consulting, journalism, NGOs, IGOs, MNCs, law, etc, etc, etc.
b. This group has been established for women seeking involvement in careers in the international community and/or careers related to international issues. 

III. Sorority

a. We are a community of women with different backgrounds, interests, and goals.
b. We share different ideas and experiences with one another to understand and stimulate different, yet great, minds.
c. We are not a social group of women.  Although social activities among sisters are encouraged, it is not our main purpose.
d. Our main focus is on leadership, intellectual and spiritual growth through interaction, constructive support and interdependency.
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