In all matters relating to stewardship of life on every planet with evolving intelligent life (including that stewardship which is
   addressed either in part, or whole, by existing statutes and conventions}, the quality of such stewardship is directly proportional to the degree to which The Golden Rule is extended to all forms of life and to the continuum of life itself, in unity with nature-life-infinity (cosmic genealogy).
Other than that which may be surmised through extrapolation, knowledge of the Universe beyond the boundaries of the observable universe of any communicating planet {"observable universe" as circumscribed by state-of-the-art technology of evolving intelligent life} is directly proportional to the degree to which an exchange/relay of knowledge exists between communicating planets with overlapping "observable  universes.".
Journal of Golden Rule Stewardship
human enlightenment in tandem with human empathy and compassion.

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-Toward The Compassionate Global Society -
Inextricably rooted to "The Golden Rule is a natural consequence of the recognition of the unity of being" {Esme Wynne-Tyson, The Philosophy of Compassion, Centaur Press, 1970} is the applicability of this proposition to all human institutions in which individual fulfillment, and non-fulfillment, can be measured - the prospects for societal sustainability inherently in the balance - by the nature of societal organization.  Review and re-alignment of institutional/societal dynamics where appropriate, aimed at revitalizing the cultural  engagement of  human empathy and compassion, will determine levels of success in addressing local and global issues involving  conflict resolution - overpopulation - climate change - integrity of the human gene pool - polar ice accumulation  - collisional trajectories of comets and cometary materials - compassionate bio-diversity - cosmic genealogy - world hunger - and others.

Golden Rule consciousness/commitment, in reflecting human empathy and compassion  and the interconnectedness of all things (hinged ecologically to freshwater quality/availability with
global water equilibrium an attainable goal), forms the foundation of multidimensional forelawsship and meets the criteria of a global ethic/planetary standard:  of generations - by generations - for generations.

While the tasks ahead for human empathy and compassion in the post-Darwin era are not without challenge,
such as overcoming perceptions associated with separatism from nature-life-infinity, it is noteworthy that the Golden Rule remains central to  all major religions.  Indeed, a similar centrality  is necessary in education and science as human consciousness evolves inexorably through progress establishing among other things  {l} the enormity of our "observable universe" {13,000 million light years in all directions}, {2} the awesome complexity of the human species {the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in a single human if extended linearly would reach from one  end of our solar system to the other}, {3} the Golden Rule as a cosmic ethic, (4) the tracing of  human cosmic genealogy (THCG),  (5) the Kepler Mission (NASA),  (6)   root causes of global terrorism,  (7) diet and war,  (8) the Oregon Sustainability Act, (9) Project Ice-SHARE, (10) societal sustainability . . . . . . .

Culturally encouraged to engage, to manifest, develop and evolve, human empathy and compassion (recognized, for instance, by  inclusion  of the Golden Rule in the preamble to each of the fifty state constitutions, to the constitution of every nation, and in the charter of the United Nations) can be expected to  garner compelling support for a
world summit on societal sustainability:   {a} a healthful, sustainable environment for every planetary citizen, {b} universal health care, publicly supported, {c} education for all based upon individual capability, {d} creative/productive employment for every citizen, {e} financial security upon completion of work career - all basic to The Compassionate Global Society.
"This is the message that must be taken to the very few of our species who have chosen to adopt the terrorist philosophy:  that the whole of humankind, engaging the constant of human empathy and compassion in united commitment, might together move in step toward The Compassionate Global Society . . . . ."
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